Singapore’s startup employees that made it to e27 Luminaries

singapore startup employees

As the city state of Singapore settles into another lockdown, we are certain these unsung heroes who helped savage their organisation’s growth efforts in 2020 will rise up to the occasion once again. A part of the e27 Luminaries, this week we feature some of the notable names from startups in Singapore that made it to SEA’s most coveted list of fame.

To select companies in the list, e27 went through media coverage in the past year to see companies who managed to survive and thrive during the pandemic with various notable achievements, from closing a funding round to expanding to new markets. We asked these companies to nominate individuals whom they believe had done a remarkable job in spearheading these innovations.

Here are the Singapore heroes you should meet.

Seow safe space

Lynette Seow, COO, Safe Space

Lynette started off as a Safe Space volunteer from IBM and eventually joined the mental health tech startup full-time as COO. She is bringing in her technology consulting and digital transformation experience to develop a B2B2C platform for people to reach out to the right counsellor at the right time/place and at the right price.

She’s proven integral in the scaling of Safe Space by leading both their product and research efforts.

She believes, mental health care should be accessible and affordable, convenient and confidential.

Wai Tsun Yim Wai, Data scientist Glints

Currently, I’m the .

We are focused on expanding our Data Warehousing pipelines and capabilities, Implementing Data Quality Program and Automating Sourcing and Matching of jobs with quality candidate.

A high-ownership team member who cares deeply about the people he works with, Wai is the Data Science Team Lead at Glints. His empathy for his co workers was very crucial during time of COVID. Despite the challenges he faced in running a Data Science operation in a startup, he has taken them in his stride.

kia boon joh

Joh Kia Boon, Senior Project Manager, Habitap

For re-organising and preparing a new, more resilient team structure

Boon is a project manager with 7 years of project management experience skilled at leading cross functional teams. She led multiple initiatives at Habitap that includes re-organsing the team structure to optimise productivity and streamline operations, mentoring team members to build effective working relationships in cross functional teams and implementing best practices and internal standard operating procedures to increase delivery standards.

Doctor Anywhere Yang

Dr Yang Guirong Gui Rong, Assistant Medical Director, Doctor Anywhere

He assumed the role of Assistant Medical Director in the midst of the pandemic in July 2020 but significantly led their efforts against COVID-19. Not only did he establish infrastructure and processes to scale up virtual consultations to serve 300,000 migrant workers, but also spearheaded their massive swab efforts in the dorms, which required close coordination with the Ministry of Health and Health Promotion Board.

He directed the overhauling hiring processes as well as standardising clinic opening times resulting in a 2-3x increase in revenue for all clinics. This strengthened service delivery at the physical clinics to launch 24/7 virtual clinic services and consequent increase in customer satisfaction.

zazazu sheaha

Sheaha Ghazali, Community Manager, ZaZaZu

A natural people person, connector and events expert she secured great partnerships and went the extra mile to help ZaZaZu as a controversial business to break taboo of female sexual wellness. Although she only joined the team since Jan 2021, she has been a great brand ambassador by bringing in high brand association and spread positive conversation around sexual wellness for partners, clients and everyone else around her.

zach poon

Zach Poon, Head of Credit at Funding Societies

A credit risk expert with eight years of experience across financial and insurance institutions, his leadership helped Funding Societies tighten their underwriting requirements on the financing opportunities for crowdfunding on the platform. The industries they focused on financing were those expected to thrive during the crisis like healthcare, medical supplies, and transportation. As a result, we managed to keep our platform default rate under 2 per cent throughout the pandemic.

joyce Ho ELXR

Joyce Ho, Head of People Success, ELXR

Known for confidentiality and credibility, she is a skilled HR personnel. Ho was instrumental in hiring for ELXR and growing the team 5x during the pandemic which contributed to the company’s 140% growth YoY.

Image credit: Adhitya Andanu from Pexels

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